Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Here (for a while) and Away

And we're back.

I should write some rot about being too occupied with creating some fantastic invention that could win a sort of Genius-in-the-rough award (there's no fooling anyone that I could win a completed, polished Genius title. Someone would definitely have to finish the process for me,) or else pretend I've been upto something incredible that would boggle the minds of readers everywhere. Traveling to remote climes to live with ancient tribes. Discovering the secrets of the universe. Eating up Africa's weight in chocolate. But I've been doing a whole bustling load of absolutely nothing. I mean, apart from spending a lot of my waking hours stalking a certain male and thinking of all kinds of creative crap for my status on Facebook. Same old.

Ok really, I didn’t totally hibernate in the many empty-of-blogging months. I worked like a crazy donkey on Red Bull at my new job. I fell in like/ lust/ attraction. I fell out of it. I fell back in again. I stalked him. Did I use the past tense? I lie. I stalk him. I discovered he was a first degree jerk from hell who was doing a really, really good job of impersonating Mr. Amazing. I still stalk him. I skydived. Started working out. (Ok, sort of. Sometimes.) Re-befriended old friends. Remembered why I loved them. Saved up. Blew it out traveling. Ate some of what I think is the world's best food at the most out-of-the-way restaurants. Thought about publishing a guide book on amazing, out-of-the-way restaurants. Decided against it (selfish reasons.) Bought a car. Bettered myself personally (if you call watching a dvd of “The Secret” and positive thinking and asking the universe for my desires and all that rot, better'fying.) If I say ‘rot’ a lot, excuse me, I've just finished reading three P.G. Wodehouse books back to back. Humorous chap. Does anyone else read British authored books in a fake British accent, or is it just me?

One thing I did not change was my habit of digressing.

Something I have discovered is that I don't really have too much to say to the world out there (that has not already been announced, in no uncertain terms, on the descriptively detailed pages of my Facebook.) It's probably all the time-consuming things I get upto, what with the endless Facebooking and stalking Mr. Not-so-right-after-all, but I'm sure that once life begins to get deliriously dull (when I finally block him on IM and Facebook), blogging will once again be my refresher mint.

For now, I have to deal with thwarting the passions of a fabulously funny man I know I will never be with (another story for another time.) (Ah, what the hell, I'm just not attracted to him); turning away from another who I am desperately attracted to (ie. stalk), and who will coolly smash my heart to jagged smithereens if I let him; continue working like a Crazy Donkey on Red Bull, while not actually being crazy (contrary to what some think), or resembling a donkey (I would hope), nor having a particular liking for Red Bull; and planning a holiday where I will see all my friends, do what I want to do (eat at more amazing, undiscovered restaurants) and not completely obliterate my piggy bank from overuse. Or worse, blow up and resemble one.

I admit this is a long post for someone who doesn't have all that much to say. Maybe if I were more regular with tapping out these fascinating (heh) intricacies of my life, the stories would flow like the effortless rush of the Zambezi river, and not the thoughtful, halting plod of the Nile*.

*Ummm... There’s a very slight (ahem) possibility this description is not entirely accurate. So disclaimer: Don’t quote me on your next Geography exam.