Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Trying not to jinx myself

The past few weeks have been so busy I've hardly noticed the time whizzing by. It always does when you're having fun right? I've had an endless (but enjoyable) workload, a full to the brim social life and an overflowing life schedule; and I'm physically, mentally and wardrobe exhausted.

I don't know why I'm blogging because I don't really have anything to write about.

For some reason, although my life is as fulfilling as a seven-course meal, and on top of that, flavoured with little dollops of interesting tidbits; none are really exciting enough to warrant being shared with the world (also, I do like my food). It's been all about good (and some absolutely shitty) movies, un-put-downable (and horribly mind-numbing) reads, lazy brunches, swimming in the rain, and fancy, wallet-(well, cute clutch)-emptying dinners out. And I'm so on top of everything. Queen bee. Work superstar. Organisation goddess.

Blog slacker.

Ahmet had emailed me recently saying he was happy, and that he wanted to let me know he'd always liked me and had even wanted to marry me (!!!) if he hadn't already had a girlfriend. Apparently he'd even told his family (!!!) about it but they were adamant on him not breaking an already long-existing relationship with his long-distance girlfriend. How bizarre. And how bizarre that I find it so bizarre. I know it's true because his sister had once very offhandedly remarked that he was thinking of breaking his engagement, and I'd laughed it off and commented on how men were men; then distressed myself wondering why, and more importantly, for whom.

Such is life. Although I had a warm glow around my heart for the longest time.

There haven't been any interesting guys in the interim. I met two exes, one recently married, the other recently divorced, who danced like he was doing jumping jacks and whose ex-wife I wouldn't blame for citing that as the sole reason for the split. What in the name of God was I thinking?

So touch wood (and triple evil eye back on anyone giving me the evil eye) I'm happy. I'm at a point where I'm deeply satisfied with where and how things are going. I'm mildly disappointed that I haven't got a special someone to share moments with, but in the mean time I have lovely, fun, nutty friends who make my life beautiful, my photos cheery and my Facebook wall entertaining.


Sassy Satan said...

Attracts mr. utter wrongs like strawberry jam? That is very interesting. Hoping you find mr absolutely right soon to share small moments with.

i'll have another one said...

heyy..have been underground myself and after i read your post, i realised that life's been good doing pretty much the same things! i also realised then, sad as it is, that not many people take the time to see their life for what it is and rather focus on what they want it to be and just enjoy it! thanks for that...and as for that special someone to share the moments with...sigh back to thinking of what my life should be like!!