Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Lady of Un-Leisure

When it gets as busy as it's been at work this past week, and I've got people breathing down my neck for deadlines that had to be met yesterday, and I can't find enough time to run to the cooler for a glass of water, I can't help but envy, E-N-V-Y, women who don't work. They have the luxury of long lunches and catching up with friends over coffee, endless shoe shopping and chatting on msn without interruption.

I've been working ever since I finished school. Three jobs in hmmm let's see, almost six years. I loved, loved, loved the first one, then I got ambitious (a.k.a greedy) and moved on to a better paycheck and the boring-est job on the planet. No internet and hardly any work, I got so good at computer games I would beat myself at minesweeper atleast 12 times a day. Solitaire I could play with my eyes closed. Well, you know what I mean. B-O-R-I-N-G.

Somehow I survived the year and finally moved on to where I am now. Never ending stress, workmares and hair-pulling heart-attack-inducing panic attacks. But I enjoy it. It's interesting for the most part, and it certainly keeps me on my toes. The only trouble is, I never have time for myself. If I need personal supplies, a haircut, a new pair of shoes, I have to make a schedule and actually work out how much time I'll have for what. Seriously, have you ever tried buying new shoes in five minutes? Won't happen.

Oh what I wouldn't do to have three months of free time for nothing but sofa-slouching and tv. And well, other things, because three months of living on the sofa is just plain crazy.

Meanwhile I gotta figure out when I can go pick up my laundry before they sell off my clothes.


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November's child said...

And here I was so excited that someone had actually left me a comment. Bleh.