Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I heart valentines

I don't believe there should be only one day dedicated to love, but if it makes men nicer (more generous), who am I to complain? Although seeing my sister with her husband makes me all dreamy-eyed and cheesy-grinned. When I met her today and asked what her other half was giving her for the special occasion, she said she didn't want anything. Since everything she's ever wanted or asked for, he's given without question, everyday is valentines as far as she's concerned.

Sigh. I want that for me too.

A rich sucker who'll give me everything I want.

But since I have nothing exciting to report, seeing that I have no special date lined up - which has been the case with many, many past valentine's days - and which, in all honesty I have absolutely no problem with, because its actually fun being single on valentines. You get the attention of all the other single guys out there, and can just possibly get more roses and chocolates and other little gifts than any other coupled-up woman, even if you do have to have a pretty lame single girl's night out that night. (Which can also be fun, because you can meet a whole bunch of single guys who are also on a pretty pathetic guy's night out. True story that.)

So anyhow, as I was saying, because I don't have anything fun planned, I will post about my favourite ever valentine's surprises. So if anyone out there is looking for a tip, here are a couple you can't go wrong with.

The nicest may be a little cliched and maybe a little unoriginal, but it was incredibly sweet all the same. A huge bunch of gorgeous red roses - 49 to be exact - delivered with a cute little note that read, "If you stand in front of a mirror with these 49 red roses, you'll be looking at the 50 most beautiful things on earth." While I may not like being called a "thing", I will not hold it against someone who thinks I'm beautiful. Vain? Never denied it.

The second sweetest thing ever was a very inexpensive but thoughtful basket of chocolates. Three big bars of regular candy with a note that said, "The Bounty because you have a head like a coconut, the Snickers because I think you're nuts, and the Mars, because I think you're out of this world."

Cute right?


ALRO said...

My lil wifey bought me a card and 3 Nascar magazines to help me with my Fantasy Pools and league... God love her !!! :)
See -- i'm not a hopeless romantic... :)

Sometimes the biggest dicks out there are rich!! Maybe you should aim lower - and get a middle-class dude who'se rich by making you happy - rather than filling his pocket-book! ;)

Geek Goddess said...

haha.. good for you. If that's what you really wanted!

And I totally know what you mean. All of the extremely wealthy men I've met have either been extreme jerks or extremely boring.

Hope you had a fabulous valetines!

Zee said...

i've spent many many valentines being single and not once have i received anything from my single friends.
of course i have also spent some valentines being a couple and yet not received