Monday, June 04, 2007


I am blessed. I've never had a hard time getting most things I've wanted. Note that I say most things, because that hot guy who could've been the father of my future children? He didn't turn up. I didn't think he would, because really, just assuming someone would turn up somewhere just because he'd been there the week before, is frankly more than just a little stupid. And reeks slightly of stalker-ism.

And I'd bought a cute top and everything.

But work-wise, interesting career options have always easily fallen into my lap. I've somehow always ended up with jobs I either did not have full qualifications for, or were what I'd thought, out of my league. I've obviously bullshitted my way through quite a few, but have always ended up where I wanted to be. May I stress again, work wise.

Yes, I'm still annoyed at hot-guy for not turning up at the exact same place he was at, the exact same time as last weekend. He should really be more consistent.

Anyhow, job offers have been drizzling in, and in the past week since I gave in my resignation, I've gotten calls from old work bosses (who'd heard I was planning to quit after I'd moaned (not completely unintentionally) to his wife) before I even sent out my resume to a recruitment agency, who by the way, were completely useless and have not bothered to call me back. But I have a few interviews lined up, two offers which are in the works, and one definite prospect. And my current one wants me to stay, promising a double pay-hike.

Great. Fabulous, you say?

I have a colossal problem. So gigantic, I can't wrap my arms around it.

It's like lining up rich dark chocolate in front of me, all different flavours - some with crunchy nuts, others with chewy toffee and caramel, and more exploding bitter coffee - and asking me to choose. ONE.

Is that even humanely possible?

I'm so confused I'm a stone's throw away from just tossing a coin and deciding my fate with whatever side it lands.

I could stay at my present job, but I'd still be stuck in a deep, muddy rut. The other definite offer is a move away from what I've been doing, although still in the same field. MUCH better package, much better everything. All I'm worried about is not being able to deliver to their high expectations. High as in, soaring past the seventh heaven. I could do it I think, but in a year I'd probably end up a stressed, nail-biting, white haired, saggy skinned woman. But a year is do-able, and I could take it as a stepping stone towards even better things. I'd just have to learn to deal with being a hag.

The two still in the works are a company which is almost as good as my current one, great package, same job I do now but more challenging, and a whole, big, lengthy commute. The other, a fabulous fabulous opportunity (dream workplace) with a slightly boring (for now) job profile, an undiscussed-as-yet salary and a bloody massive scope for growth.

Should I roll dice? Choose a number? Toss a coin? Pick a chit? See an astrologer?

Or should I just take an aspirin, chain myself back to my desk, and pretend to myself I didn't step out of my uncomfortable grave-like rut, accept the pay-hike, never speaking of it again?

I'd much rather have to choose between the chocolate.

Update: Make that two definite offers. Fug. Why couldn't have these been gorgeous men instead?


moonstruck maniac said...


Emma said...

I found your blog over at delightful blogs and thought I'd say hi.

My guy is going through a similar job change and its really all about making lists of pro's and con's. It sounds silly, but its pretty helpful. And also if you've just gotten a better "feeling" about one of the jobs... Like, has one been taking them time replying to e-mails, or stuff just seems hectic at one of the companies? Sometimes that can be a preview of what you'll be able to expect.

Anyways. I tagged you over at my blog, if you're interested and want to kill 15 minutes. :)

Take care!

ATh0ught355 said...

ya know, it may be very helpful to focus on finding a way of relaxing. Even though you have a lot going on right now, there's no point in driving yourself absolutely crazy : )


Jayne said...

I say take the chance! You already know you're in a rut and you need to make a change.

Change is scary, but I'd be much more scared of the rut, to be perfectly honest... they can go on for years and become a lifelong habit if we let them.

Jason said...

Just found your blog today and thought I'd say hi! Be happy you got the job offers instead of guys. You're young, you've got plenty of time for all that. Keep up the great blogging!


Shelly said...

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mahog said...

very cool blog! I've got one too, you should check it out.

Geek Goddess said...

moonstruck maniac - yeah thanks, that really helped! totally made my decision for me!

emma - thanks for the tip, the list idea actually worked! Hahah yes I did keep your advice in mind, I turned down the job from which I was getting emails from at 1am! Definitely no thanks to that one!

Jayne very sensible advice! Bless!

thank you too AThought, jason, shelly and mahog!

Geek Goddess said...

oh Jason, yeah yeah thanks, but I want the men too! :)

CrazyDiamond said...

I face similar dilemma's goddess. The jobs a plenty but the love scene shineth not. What to do, what to do?
I say enjoy the chocolate.