Thursday, January 04, 2007

Confessions of a would-be Cradle Snatcher

First things first. But not necessarily in that order.

Zanzibar was... well, what can I say? My visions of sunny, sandy beaches and mouth watering junk food were drowned in a pail of icy cold water. The weather was dreary - constant rain which made the beach and Stone Town utter and absolute blah. And the street food vendors had been closed down by the government due to an outbreak of cholera.

So with dreams of un-eaten junk food and un-drunk sugarcane juice and an un-swum-ocean, I got back to the drudgery of daily life.

Then, one day, I met a boy.

Absolutely gorgeous, a funny, kind-hearted, regular good guy. There's an inner glow that lights his face. I feel about him what I haven't felt in years. Not even with Ahmet. I know this sounds clich├ęd and dumb, but I feel like a school kid. I get all blush-y and shy around him. And as usual, with my luck with love, there's a problem. Well two, but one is not as important as the other. 1. He hasn't actually asked me out. 2. He's younger than me. Like, really young. Early 20's I think, compared to my almost ancient 26.

The last thing I'd ever thought possible for me on this earth was to be attracted to a guy younger than I. If someone's even a couple of months younger, my attraction-possibility meter shuts down. Instantly.

I don't really know what to think or do. I feel stupid flirting, although I do very subtly use my feminine charms to err.. entice him. But I don't really know if I'd be able to carry through. Plus, he leaves for home, abroad, in a few weeks. And I'm not really one for long-distance relationships. If it ever came to that. But I do so like him.

I've always thought with my head when it comes to relationships. I've never ever never fallen blindly for a guy without ticking off a mental check-list. Attractive. Check. Witty. Check. Mature. Check. Well spoken. Check. Good-hearted and well-mannered. Check. Outgoing and fun and social. Check. Successful. Check.

Yeah that's right, I have a stone-cold heart.

In my defense though, it comes from long experience. I dated a seriously hot guy just for his looks. It lasted less than a week. While he was drop-dead yummy to look at, he was a total yawn. Vanilla dull-dom. Then I dated another guy just for his personality. He was intelligent and interesting, but the attraction level was zilch. No, I lie. It was in the negative. That didn't last long either.

Now that I'm old enough (and mature enough) to know what I want, and more crucially, what I don't want, it's always been important for someone I'm in a relationship with to meet those criteria. Only this time, that list I've chucked straight out the window. Who knows what might happen. Or might not.

He could one day be my Ashton Kutcher.

Happy New Year.


IR said...

hello tree lady- happy double O 7

i thought women going for younger men was in vouge(or was it the other way around)

this list busniess is so full of limitations(although belive me men dont really have much of a list !)

all the best

Zee said...

"He could one day be my Ashton Kutcher."
Wow! Really puts things in perspective! After that line, you shouldn't be evaluating this at all! Just go for it!

skasibhat said...

I guess all these attractions are ver short lived.. If you dont see him for a month or two, the I am sure you wont even remember him for the rest of your life ;-)

The best is your check-list and stick to it......

Geek Goddess said...

ir, thanks.. hope you have a fab year ahead. the list thing might be full of limitations but atleast you have a set of standards that way. And you're absolutely right. Men don't need a list. They only look at err.. physical attributions :)

zee, haha, if only it was that simple!

skasibhat, very very true, and very very very sound advice.