Tuesday, January 09, 2007

State of my affairs

Yup, so it's not happening with my very own, local Ashton Kutcher. Not that I'm not interested, or have changed my mind. Far from it. There's just no way, no how, that it's going to happen. He's too young, I'm too old, he's still studying, and too young, he lives in another country, and is too young. So I'm being dignified and moving on before I make a fool of myself. Also, I haven't seen him in a week. Maybe he has a girlfriend. But anyway, he's too young.

So a little sadly (emotion-wise and pathetic-situation-wise), I move on.

On the winds-sweeping-the-gloomy-clouds-away side, I have a date with a guy I was at school with. Attractive and interesting, he's a total catch. A textbook example of The Perfect Man. Almost. Because, while he has great qualities along with some pretty great looks, his arrogance and super-size ego wipe out his good-points slate to a snowy white, squeaky clean.

He'd asked me out before, while we were still at school, but I'd always turned him down - his constant need for attention and self-worship just a little too much for me to handle. But in my almost-desperation for romance, I'm giving it another chance. Because who knows? After all these years, he might just have changed. Or I might have. So I'll go with an open mind and see how it goes... it's not a big deal, just coffee after all. And I've always been a sucker for a really good cup of choco-mint latte.

I told my sister about him being back in town, and she told me to be careful. "Don't you dare fall for him," she said, "You told me way back then, that if you ever considered dating him, I should smack you really hard. And I will." She obviously doesn't like him.

But I'm tired now. Sick of waiting for the right guy to come along. I have younger and younger friends getting coupled up and hitched all around me. They're dropping like flies. It makes me just a tiny little bit envious when I hear friends tell me how great their boyfriend/ fiance/ husband is. One girl couldn't stop gushing about how her fabulous fiance treats her like a queen, still opening car doors and all, and they've been engaged for almost half a year. I want that for me too.

Getting off the subject, but I think gentleman-ly men are absolutely awesome. I loooove it when a guy opens the door, or waits for me to go before him. There's this one guy I keep bumping into at work by the lifts, who always puts his hand over his heart, bows and politely greets me. It totally makes my Monday morning.

As for Mr. Big Head - my coffee date; with a not-so-hopeful heart, I wait for any excitement tomorrow may bring.


IR said...

though you dont ask or anyting,
however please dont carry your "list" when u meet your friend.

all the best !

Zee said...

awwwwww.........so sorry to hear babout ashton kutcher! esp since i know how it feels to be single when all your friends around u seem to be getting hitched! hang in there!

Thailand Gal said...

Just surfing through Blogger Chicks and found you. As for the guy who opens doors, etc., I hope you will never accept anything less. There's nothing wrong with being treated like a woman.

Best to you... :)



Ron Davison said...

My favorite quote on arrogant men:

“Men who have discovered the limits of arrogance make better company: You notice more when you're not running around imposing your will on everything.”
- Virginia Vitzthum

I love your blog name. Good luck with that whole romance thing - it can color everything else in shades of blue or roses.

Geek Goddess said...

IR, haha i think i need that list even more so with this guy!

Thanks Zee and Thai girl, but nowhere has the quote "out of sight, out of mind" been truer! ...unfortunately! and amen to being treated like a woman - we're totally worth it!

Ron, interesting quote! and that's a beautiful line. Thats the problem though, everything is so prettily coloured in rose that when you finally do open your eyes, you're usually in for a surprise. And not always a nice one!

Terri said...

Hi, GG,

You can now find me at http://terristurf.blogspot.com/. Thanks.

Scotty Ice said...

Hello from Mobile, Alabama!

just surfed in from blogexplosion and just wanted to say hi.....

Great Blog!


Julia Scissor said...

Hi, I came in from the blogging chicks blogroll on my blog.

Nice blog.
All the best with the well-mannnered guys. They are hard to come by but they are worth waiting and staying single for.