Monday, October 30, 2006

That (bad) fling thing

I think I now understand why some women stay in abusive relationships. Not because I am in one, or have ever been in one, fortunately. And not that I would stay longer than to throw things at his head. But I now sort of get women who do.

See the thing is, I love my job. I truly enjoy the work I do. (having a brand new iMac helps :) ) but for the past well, three years, I've had an on-off relationship with it because of the other things that come with working in a high stress, no-social-life field. Crazy working hours, bitchy colleagues (well, one) (but she more than makes up for an entire bloody team) and a could-have-been-better-paycheck (it can always be better right?). There have been times when I've worked through entire weekends only to find out Monday morning that the client doesn't want to go in that direction/ is out of his budgeted range/ isn't doing it anymore. Bastard.

So every few months I'll think about updating my resume and going on a hunt for that perfect job. And that's how far I always get. Thinking about it. Not only because I can barely find five minutes to revamp my CV, (and when I do, I'm reading blogs or writing this one) but because two days after the showdown with the bitchy colleague, or the presentation that went terribly wrong, work will once again be all rainbows and butterflies. Easy. Fun. Peaceful. Colleagues will say "thanks! you're a star!", clients will say "great work!" and I'll go back to loving my job and missing deadlines. Until the next time shit hits the high powered air conditioner.

It's a vicious cycle, good times and bad in an ever-changing, never-ending spiral. So much like a dizzying, volatile romance.

Is there a home for battered workers?


IR said...

you write very well - even in your new avtar- nice choice of name too

so the "geek" is in love, with what else but her job!

you have a love-hate relationship with your job and not an abusive one,bitchy colleagues are good,they make you work hard so that one day you become their boss,and can trouble them !

what version is the imac?

Geek Goddess said...

haha.. i like how you think.. so positive! id love to spend my days thinking up ways to make her life miserable when im her boss, if only we werent in completely different departments - so no chance. I have other ways though. *smiles mysteriously*

And the iMac version is err.. the panther? Im not too sure, as long as it works, im happy!