Thursday, November 02, 2006

Limpid dreams

Have you ever said sweet dreams
on a cool, cloudless night,
switched off the lights,
thrown wide open the windows
and crawled into your cosy bed,
wrapping a sheet snugly around you,
then turned to gaze focus-edly at the curtains billowing in the breeze,
and, as you admired the crystal-clear skies,
the un-blurred view of brightly twinkling stars,
crisp silhouettes of neighbouring buildings
and the distinct contours of coconut trees bending in the wind,
realised you were still wearing your glasses?


jerry said...

sounds beautiful...

IR said...

coconut trees in delhi?

Geek Goddess said...

jerry - thanks, it is. thats so bizarre, I was just checkin out your blog a few minutes ago.

IR - I live in East Africa, not Delhi :)