Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Another year older (and not much wiser).

I love birthdays - and not just because they're the perfect excuse for extravagant parties filled with friends and loved ones (and I've only separated the two because well, some friends are just casual acquaintance-type-friends, and some friends are loved ones), or fabulous (or not) gifts and fancy dinners, but because it's the one time in the year people from far away places and far away times make an effort to get back in touch and call to wish you. I love anticipating which blast from the past I'll hear from next; the surprise and excitement of hearing from childhood friends half forgotten and old schoolmates long gone.

Not that it's such an effort to remember now, in the days of cellphone reminders (something I rely heavily on, due to my non existent memory - my secret of never forgetting a birthday - or other important things, like waking up) and birthday website alarms and whatnot. But it's still very special to hear old voices, all nostalgic, reminiscing bygone memories and wishing the best for the year ahead. (A lot of these wishes include my finding my Mr. Right... Come on guys, I'm only another year older, not wrinkly and toothless. There's hope yet.)

I got some nice presents too. The usual chocolates, earrings, jewellery boxes and clothing, movie/ lunch/ dinner treats, and with them, a much-loved bottle of perfume and a gorrrrrrrgeous pearl and diamond ring.

Yeah okay, so maybe I also love birthdays because it's the one time you get lovely free gifts.

[Rubbing hands in glee.] Bring 'em on.


jerry said...

hehe, naa don't ike the. get too much unwanted attention.

Geek Goddess said...

And thats a bad thing? Ok maybe if its coming from weird psycho strangers.. but friends?

Avatar said...

good blog you got going on here, and and having Geek Goddess as a name, that is is quite worth the visit all by itself.

and brithdays, depress me, so i know the feeling.

Geek Goddess said...

thanks.. you've got a really good blog going there yourself. incredibly useful! and age is just a number, i'll always be 19 ;)

Avatar said...

19 is extremely young , don´t worry about that, it would kill to be 19 again (if i could keep in my head what i know now of course)