Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Shall I tell you?

Shall I tell you about how I know I'm finally getting over Ahmet (who I already thought I was over a year ago, and about which I was obviously. very. wrong) because I turned down a beach barbecue/ picnic with a whole big bunch of friends when I knew Ahmet would be there? Or how I didn't feel butterflies when I saw him later, someplace else, and didn't bother to wave or go over and say hi (and flirt) because I didn't want to? And about how I know I have to, no choice, because I found out he's moving out of the country and settling abroad, and oh, he's married.

Or should I tell you about how I think, yes Saddam Hussein is an evil man, but he's old and obviously senile, and maybe he should be spared the hanging, because honestly, no human should be put to death by another, and especially not in that way. But when I really think about it, if it were my family he'd so cold-bloodedly murdered, I'd test every form of torture on the planet on him before I left him to boil in oil.

Or shall I write about how, after all this time, so many miles and a marriage, Midas still writes to me? Stupid, foolish emails pretending that he's someone else? Emails that read:

Was going through the alumni website and saw ur Id, so am writing to u

As a normal routine, I know u must be tired of people saying, "hiii there, u r cute, u r pretty, i like ur smile, i like ur eyes and stuff"

and i can imagine how irritating it can be when someone out of no where jumps up and says "DO u wanna be my friend, or can i be ur friend" and u feel like, Man DO i KNow u .......... Hence i would definately not do the same, neither would i ask u to be my friend ... All i shall say is "WHy dont we start a conversation and let friendship develop on its on....."

Hope u would reply


Hello der
hows u doing
My name is Ali
originally from India
but sometimes in (GG's hometown)
sometimes in Dubai
sometimes India and so on

On mylast trip to (GG's hometown)
i saw u in Town
thought u could be a good friend
as ur nature was Quite Silent
and i belive Silent People can be a good Asset as a Friend

DOnt know much abt u
Except ur name and FOund out ur email add

so writing to u wid no bad intension
hope u will not mind and will reply to my email

like i said
no bad Intentions
Making Friends is my Hobby
so just trying to be friends
and i assure u
wont get any ambarrasing comments from me

Plz accept My Humble offer
and Kindly do reply

Or should I mourn about how my christmas-new year holiday that I have so eagerly been looking forward to, desperately, like a dying man reaching out for a sip of water, has been postponed to the middle of next year and I truly don't know how I'll survive until then.

Or shall I tell you about how I vividly dreamt of, of all people, Sunjay Dutt and now feel like I am on intimate terms with him? How in my dream, our hands linked together, we whispered sweet promises to one another? How when I woke up feeling warm and cosy, I looked around, surprised to find he wasn't there.

Then again, maybe I won't.

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