Monday, November 20, 2006


This past weekend was fabulous, the whole beach weekend thing turned out to be a surprise birthday celebration even though my birthday isn't until tomorrow. So sunburnt, happy and well-fed on gooey chocolate cake, I will turn a still-nineteen-at-heart 26. In honour of that momentous occasion, it is my pleasure to present a list of 26 hitherto unknown facts about my favourite person. Me.

1. I consider myself lucky. Although I've never won anything, anywhere, in any sort of game.

2. I love high heels. The higher the better.

3. Im pretty health-conscious. I'll drink spinach juice from time to time. Sometimes I even think about cutting back on fizzy drinks. But then I think.... naaaah.

4. Blue is my favourite colour. But I can only write in black ink.

5. I like fancy four-wheel drives better than fancy convertibles and sports cars. And I like fancy motorcycles more than I like fancy four-wheel drives.

6. I love chewing gum.

7. I hate taking photos.

8. I am not a morning person. I'd like mornings better if they started later.

9. I'm a complete girl-y girl. But I love camping and trekking as much as the next guy. Camping in the wilderness with lionesses right outside the campsite? No hot showers for 5 days straight? Been there, done that.

10. I hate walking directly behind or directly in front of someone else. It irritates the hell out of me.

11. I believe in the supernatural. And I'm pretty spiritual. Could be the scorpio in me.

12. I climbed walls as a kid. We had a narrow hallway and I'd race up to the ceiling, one foot on one wall, another on the other. If you look up "ants in her pants" in the dictionary, you will find my photo as a child.

13. I sometimes think I walk around with a big flashing neon sign on my forehead that reads "I'm a moron." I've lost count of the liars/ stalkers/ con-men I've met. Dear people of the world, I am smarter than I look. I am not a dumb blonde. I'm a copper-red-brunette (salon bought), and I repeat, I am not dumb. Really.

14. I love the rains with a passion.

15. I'm extremely house proud. Even if that means dumping the mess into the nearest closet when we have unexpected guests.

16. I'd rather be too cold than too hot. I'd rather be too wet than too dry. I can't decide whether I'd like living by the ocean or in the mountains more.

17. I love Tabasco sauce. I'd eat cardboard if it had Tabasco on it.

18. I rarely use my ipod. Maybe once in a month, if I'm stuck in traffic. And only if I remember.

19. I have 6 stitches on my head. (Did a light bulb just go off? Aahaa..)

20. I love the taste of menthol cigarettes. In someone else's mouth.

21. I love to travel. I probably inherited that from my dad.

22. My dream job would be to host a travel show checking out the world's best hotels/ spas/ restaurants. (Would anyone like to hire me?) (Pretty please?).

23. I can speak five languages, I write only two.

24. I sing when I'm happy. The next time you see someone walking all by herself in the middle of town singing, stop and say Hi. I'll also be the one chuckling quietly to herself.

25. The oldest man to hit on me must have been in his eighties. He was oOold, shaky, and walked with a cane. He stood directly in front of me, looked at me lecherously and said, "helloooo beautiful." - He also wore the thickest glasses I have ever seen.

26. I love lists. As a result I'm super organised. I make to-do lists, shopping lists, reading lists, clothes lists, holiday lists and lists of things I need to make lists of.


IR said...

Fact no. 25- old man with "thick glasses"- are u sure it was you he was hitting on ?

happy b'day :)

Geek Goddess said...

thats what ive always wondered!! it will forever remain an unexplained mystery!

Thanks :)

Janey Loree said...

Welcome to BLOG VILLAGE and I wish you a belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

If I listed something about myself, one for every year old I am today...I would be going for awhile and I am not sure that I could finish the list!!!

Geek Goddess said...

thanks! heheh.. thats why most of us die off around 70.. makes writing these lists so much easier (not to mention shorter) :)